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SHEPHERDS, DAY ONE: “Step on the grass. Shoot a deer. Dig for oil. NOW!”


Dr. John MacArthur, Shepherd's Conference 2009

Dr. John MacArthur, Shepherd's Conference 2009

The first day of the Shepherd’s Conference found me driving in pouring rain up I-5 past a terrible car wreck, through deep puddles of water, and searching in vain for a parking spot on the Grace Community Church’s lot.


HA!  A little rain isn’t going to ruin this day!  I found a parking spot along the street a few blocks away, waited for the rain to subside, and walked to the church campus.

How do you describe the buzz of 3500 pastors from around the world all gathering together in one place?  I don’t know.  Electric, maybe?  Everyone was giving off an air of anticipation.  Lots of smiles, hugs, and refreshments all around.  I found a seat on the organ side (for Janz) and waited the beginning of the first keynote. Continue reading


I Support CCM!

That’s right!  You read correctly.  After thinking through things for many years now, I have come to the conclusion that CCM is a movement that I not only want to support but also promote.  So many of the narrow-minded arguments that people have used against movements like CCM just do not hold any water and I refuse to tolerate them anymore.  I plan to work actively to support CCM and its leaders, not just here in Denver but also around the country.  Movements like CCM can wield enormous influence and it’s time we come together for a common cause, despite our differences. Continue reading


pr27143.jpgIt’s difficult to believe that I have been blogging here for twenty months now.  Wow!  The old adage “time flies” certainly seems to be true.  Blogging is officially my favorite hobby now, even though I engage the blogosphere less frequently than in previous years.

The year 2007 was a most eventful year for Red Rocks Baptist Church, where I serve as an assistant pastor.  After years and years of waiting, praying, selling, and moving to interim locations, we finally moved in to our new facility in March.  It was so nice to finally be “home” as far as the permanent physical location for the ministry.  The facility is beautiful and spacious and has provided a highly visible and trafficked location for us.  In these first several months, the Lord has brought over 400 first-time visitors to our building.  We have seen nearly an hundred of them added to our fellowship.  It has been difficult to keep up with the the contacts, and we are constantly trying to improve in this area.  The Lord is still sending new families each week to visit the ministry.  Many of the new families have jumped right into ministry opportunities (after a required short period of orientation) and added to the life of the church.  While the acoustical treatment of our auditorium is not quite finished yet (problems with HVAC, etc.), the worship of our church has been vibrant and we are so delighted to see many weekly responses to the preaching of the Word.  We just finished a very busy Christmas season; and once again, the musicians in our church did a really wonderful job presenting the story of Christ’s birth.  The music was excellent in quality and the people “had a mind to work.”  I am privileged to lead such a faithful group of ministers.

Our family continues to grow as well (not numerically!!).  My oldest daughter broke the teenage barrier this past July.  So I now parent a 13, 12, 10, 6, and 4 year old child.  Parenting is truly one of the great joys of my life and great frustrations of my life.  It is a joy because we share such a wonderful bond of love; it is a frustration because they are growing so quickly!  It is difficult to comprehend that my oldest will likely only be under my direct supervision for another 5 years.  There is so much to teach.  There is so much to learn.  Deborah and I celebrated 15 years of marriage this past June.  She remains a wonderful spouse and mother who is constantly growing in her parenting skills.  It is wonderful to watch her age with beauty and wisdom.

I have not done much “deep” pondering in the area of worship in the last few months so I am doing some catch-up reading from the growing pile on my desk.  I just finished an interesting book this morning called Exploring the Worship Spectrum: 6 Views.  The six views being represented are the formal-liturgical, the traditional hymn-based, the contemporary music-driven, the charismatic, the blended, and the emerging.  Each of the 6 authors presents the case for their viewpoint and then gets to give response to the other 5 viewpoints as well.  It’s a fascinating read.  I’ll let you know which view I give the most credence to in a future post.  I’m also planning to read Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts by Harold Best.

Of course, the crazy political season is already upon us with the primaries revving their engines louder each day.  I’ve been a supporter of Mike Huckabee and enjoyed the opportunity to interact with him and several of the other campaigns as well.  Politics is probably my third hobby, behind blogging and music, though it is certainly a daily event already.  For the record, I am a firm believer in the local church and do not believe that changes in the government will usher in the Kingdom or anything like that.  My favorite pastime is not interacting with candidates but converts.  It has been a tremendous joy to invest time and teaching into both adults and children this past year as they follow the Lord Jesus.

Finally, a big thanks to those who read and interact with me here on the blog.  It is interesting to see which topics attract which people and how many.  The discussions may seem to get heated at times and the subjects certainly get controversial; however, be assured that I greatly appreciate both the encouragement and challenges of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  I learn much from you and hope that at times I can be an encouragement to you as well as we all run the race set before us.

Happy New Year!  May the Lord come soon!

Huckabee on Conservative Critics and Bloggers

**Update: you can visit the Truth Squad at by clicking here.**

huckabee.jpgI had the privilege this afternoon to speak with former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on a blogger conference call.  I asked Mike about recent criticism from Ann Coulter and Robert Novak on his conservative credentials.  You can listen to our brief conversation below.

Mike Huckabee on Conservative Critics and Bloggers

Random Thoughts

Hey everybody!

I took a brief hiatus from blogging to concentrate on other things that are important to me.  As much as I enjoy blogging and the bantering of ideas, I realize as much as anyone else that it takes TIME.  I am not one of those who believe that blogging is a waste of time; I do, however, know it can be.

So, allow me a post to catch up on stuff.  I intend to write more regularly through the year, and look forward to our conversations.

On the 6th anniversary of September 11, 2001:
I looked at the pictures again yesterday.  They are still shocking and unsettling.  They still angered me.  Those terrible, grim digital images of planes and fire and terror are not easy to view, even now.  But life goes on.  God is still on the throne.  People still need the Gospel.  There is work to do. Continue reading

The Powers That Be

jasonprez2.jpgAs many of my readers know, I am an active participant in the political process.  I do spend a great deal of time during election seasons campaigning for the candidates I support.  This season was no different.  In fact, for the first time in my life, as I looked at the touchscreen in front of me in the polling booth, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I knew each of the candidates personally for whom I was about to vote.  They have become my friends. Continue reading

School Shootings, Car Bombings, and Cross-Bearing

roberts_note2.gifI see the news before most people in my city.  Because I’m a newspaper courier with the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News, my eyes look over the headlines usually by 3 AM every day.  The last several days have not been fun reading. Continue reading