wallamericasgameTonight, May 7th, and tomorrow, May 8th, as well as Wednesday, May 27th, if you are wheelwatching, you could be mccroriewatching too!

Deborah and I had the opportunity to sit in on the taping of three shows of the Wheel of Fortune during our trip to California in early March.  You will see us on any camera cutaways to the audience, about 3 rows up, right in the middle.

The experience was a lot of fun, seeing Pat and Vanna in action and being on the Hollywood set.  I was able to talk a little bit with the show’s announcer too, Charlie O’Donnell, who has quite a showbiz story himself.  The stage itself (Stage 11) is pretty small, but they really know how to use space (and camera angles!).  And although America may see a glitsy gameshow, it’s pretty obvious that the workers are just doing their 9-5 job, even Pat and Vanna!  All that glitters is definitely not gold–maybe gold paint!  Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves.  I almost got into big trouble on the first puzzle when I realized the answer before the contestants and started to blurt it out loud–just like I do at home!  Deborah covered my mouth and saved us from getting kicked out!

If you’re ever in the L.A. area, you should check it out.  Lots of fun and about 4 hours of time.  Get your tickets early; they sell out, even though the tickets are free!  Jeopardy is right there too on the set right next door to Wheel.  We’ll try that next time…


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