Heather Hills to Candidate Jon Kirby This Weekend


After 4 months of searching and investigating over 50 resumes, I am excited to announce that Heather Hills is candidating a man for our new position of Associate Pastor of Spiritual Development!  It has been a rich process thus far and we have been able to interact with many godly men around the country who are seeking the Lord’s will.   However, in the end, one of our applicants has risen to the top of the list and has been unanimously recommended to our congregation by both the search committee and leadership team.

That applicant’s name is Jon Kirby, from Canyon Country, California–just a little bit north of Los Angeles.  He and his family will be arriving Friday evening and engaged in various activities through the weekend.  Jon is set to graduate from The Master’s Seminary next month and is also eagerly awaiting the direction of the Lord in this.  Prior to his seminary training, Jon served as an assistant pastor in Ventura, California.  Currently, he is involved in the ministry at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, where Dr. John MacArthur is pastor.  Jon and his wife Janel have been blessed with five children: Amber, Alisha, Tanner, Abby, and Trent.  Beyond family and ministry, Jon’s interests include sports and politics.  

In a questionnaire, Jon talked about the qualities he would look for in a church:  “The quality I look for first in a church is if they understand the Gospel. This means they must teach the full counsel of God and not be man-centered in their approach to scripture. God does love sinners and has a wonderful plan for their life IF they understand that first He is angry at sin and has a terrible plan for their life if they don’t repent, trust Christ’s provision on the cross, and follow Him. The Bible is not primarily about man’s happiness. It is about the glory of God put on display. If a church understands this and really acts on it then that is what I look for in a church. Also, the scriptures must be central to everything. God’s Word and not programs must be the drive train of the church. I understand programs to be vehicles for God’s Word but a congregation must be content with knowing the meaning of scripture and not have a ‘doctrine is divisive or boring’ type of attitude. So the church must be interested in sound doctrine more than socializing for me to be interested.” 

I would ask my readers to be in prayer for Heather Hills this weekend and then the following Sunday when we vote on Jon Kirby.  Pray for God’s will to be done and made clear to us and the Kirbys.  Pray for safety in their travel from the West Coast.

Some of you have been asking about my father’s physical condition.  Dave McCrorie is a missionary in Ontario, Canada.  He had been diagnosed with a cyst in his spinal cord which had grown over several decades to the point that it was causing pain and numbness to the left side of his body.  We were able to be with Dad and Mom and Kevin (my younger brother) the week of Dad’s operation to drain the cyst and hopefully relieve his pain.  To be honest, it was a tough week.  It was a major surgery and a long recovery.  Of course, anytime the neck muscles are cut through and the spinal cord intruded upon, it’s a big deal.  I am happy to report that Dad is doing much better now with his mobility and physical healing.  He has a ways to go yet and we’re not sure if the surgery will ever fix the problems the cyst caused, but by all accounts the operation was successful.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  I spoke to Dad yesterday and he said he was planning to preach this Sunday for the first time since the surgery.  Praise the Lord! 

I trust all of you will have a wonderful weekend and Lord’s Day!


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  1. Glad your Dad is improving!


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