Live From Hollywood!

hollywood_signToday, Deborah and I had the day off from the Shepherd’s Conference so we tackled two prestigious locations.  The first was the resting place of my favorite U.S. President.  The second was the resting place of the most famous sign in the world.

Our trip to Simi Valley was 45 minutes of wonderful.  The scenery reminded me of Colorado with beautiful foothills filled with huge boulders and wide expanses of land in between.  Eventually, we arrived at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library at the top of a beautiful vista.  The library/museum itself brought back many memories through its films, memorabilia, and documents.  It would be hard to say what the highlight of our self-guided tour would be.  Reagan’s Air Force One is on display, along with his Marine 1 helicopter and presidential limousine.  His oval office is recreated in exact detail and is awesome to stand in.  His grave outside the library is a solemn and beautiful memorial to this great leader.  Even today, I was reminded of one of the reasons I liked Reagan–he feared God.  Was he a true follower of Christ?  I don’t know.  But it appears that his life was consistently marked by the values of such a disciple.  His lifelong romance with his wife Nancy is also on prominent display and speaks with conviction to today’s trends of marriage by convenience and divorce by convenience.  No President is perfect, but I liked Reagan’s optimism and commitment to American ideals.  I appreciated his leadership in the free world, particularly to the role he played in the collapse of Communism.

After a lunch at In-N-Out (hamburger was good, fries–yuk!), we drove to Hollywood.  I had done a little research about the best places to go to get a picture of the famed Hollywood sign and found the closest spot accessible by a car.  After a lot of windy roads through crowded neighborhoods, all of a sudden there it was, looming just above us.  The 45-feet high letters are quite impressive, even from the distance we were.  Of course, Hollywood is more than a sign or a suburb; it is an idea.  That idea is all about power and prestige and glamour; but more importantly, it is antithetical to the message of the cross.  The cross demands self-denial; Hollywood exults self-seeking hedonism.  The power of the Hollywood media in TV and film should not be underestimated by the Christian and we should constantly work to teach discernment to our congregations.  It is a reminder that all that glitters is not gold, but rather “fool’s gold” and to be avoided at all cost.

I am looking forward to hearing John MacArthur tomorrow, not as conference keynote speaker and host, but as a pastor/teacher of his congregation.  Tomorrow afternoon, he will administrate the Lord’s Supper as well.  Can’t wait to get back home to my own church family, but eager to be fed once more by this man of God!

(If you would like to see more pictures of my time in California, they are posted on my Facebook page.)


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  1. You used to be able to hike up to the letters and climb on them. I have a picture somewhere of me on the top of one of the “O”‘s from back when I was in college.


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