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Heather Hills Looking for Associate Pastor

now hiringHeather Hills Baptist Church, on the east side of Indianapolis, is seeking to add a male, full-time, associate pastor to begin as early as April 2009.  Interested parties should contact the senior pastor Brian McCrorie at    317-894-7474    or can send resumes to bmccrorie (at) gmail (dot) com.

Heather Hills is an independent Baptist church in fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches and the Crossroads Fellowship of Indiana.  We are dispensational in our interpretation of Scripture, historically fundamentalist in our view of Scripture, and baptistic in our practice of Scripture within the local church.  We have a strong desire to make an impact for the cause of Christ both locally and globally.  We value expository preaching.  We practice a blended style of worship, recognizing the importance of heritage while embracing contemporary expression, all of which is subject to the truth of Scripture and focused on the person and work of Christ.  We believe that every member of Heather Hills is to be a minister, using his spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ.

Applicants should possess a strong desire for an equipping ministry, primarily in discipleship/spiritual development.  A graduate degree is preferable along with some previous pastoral experience.  Applicants must be willing to work as a part of a team and dedicated to the study of God’s Word and prayer.  Those who make matters of opinion (Bible translations, musical style, etc.) a basis for fellowship need not apply.


Now Thank We All Our God!

thanks1To All Ye Pilgrims: Inasmuch as the great Father has given us this year an abundant harvest of Indian corn, wheat, beans, squashes, and garden vegetables, and has made the forests to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams, and inasmuch as He has protected us from the ravages of the savages, has spared us from pestilence and disease, has granted us freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience; now, I, your magistrate, do proclaim that all ye Pilgrims, with your wives and little ones, do gather at ye meeting house, on ye hill, between the hours of 9 and 12 in the day time, on Thursday, November ye 29th of the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and twenty-three, and third year since ye Pilgrims landed on ye Pilgrim Rock, there to listen to ye pastor, and render thanksgiving to ye Almighty God for all His blessings.

It’s been 384 years since Governor William Bradford called the Pilgrims to the first Thanksgiving celebration in the New World. 156 years later, after a long, hard war for independence, our first President, George Washington, called the United States of America to a day of thanksgiving: Continue reading

Steve Green at Heather Hills This Sunday!

Steve Green

Steve Green

It’s been quite a journey over the last 8-9 years.  There was a time, not so long ago, when I disdained Steve Green.  Yes, I disdained him.  When I was the official “music checker” at my Bible College, students were forced to turn in their Steve Green cassettes/CDs.  My job then was to make the students copy on to a blank cassette/CD the songs from an album that would “check.”  What that basically meant is that the songs could have no dominant beat, use no electric guitars, and no scooping vocal style.  I believed Steve to be the fitting illustration of all that was wrong in the contemporary worship scene.  When I would do seminars at various churches on music, Steve was always one of the people whom I would name as bearing the blame for the state of church worship today.

And now, this Sunday, Steve will be coming to my church to minister in song.  In one sense, it’s so ironic.  In another, it’s so fitting. Continue reading

One Nation Under God?

Meghan McCain signs an autograph for Ashley McCrorie.

Meghan McCain signs an autograph for Ashley McCrorie.

On Monday afternoon, I finally gave in and dragged myself to one political rally.  I hadn’t participated at all in the general election like I usually do.  I just was not motivated.  As my readers know, I was feverishly supportive of Mike Huckabee in the primary election; however, once McCain got the Republican nod, my enthusiasm dissipated.  And so, I reluctantly dragged my 3 oldest children off to the Indianapolis airport on Monday to witness one final campaign event for the season.  I do believe that government is important–something that God established.  And, I want my children to understand the importance of the institution itself.  I even took a couple of my children to a Hilary Clinton rally back in the primary season to demonstrate that point!

Well, as far as rallies go, the one I attended on Monday was okay.  The crowd was excited but not that large and not as excited as in years past.  I had the opportunity to personally greet John and Cindy McCain and their daughter Meghan, along with Senators Joe Lieberman, Lindsay Graham, and Mel Martinez, and wish them well and assure them of my prayers for them.  But they were clearly tired and just putting on a good face for the crowd.  I think they knew what was coming. Continue reading