Without Him

I received an email yesterday from John McCain that reflected on the life and death of Tim Russert, the long-time moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press.  I always enjoyed watching Tim do his thing.  It was obvious that he loved his job and had a high respect for politics and those who worked in that realm.  It was also obvious from the two books he authored that he loved his family and took parenting very seriously.  I, for one, will miss his voice and influence in one of my favorite hobbies, politics.

However, McCain ended his email with these words that got me thinking: “And I know I speak for many in saying, Sunday mornings in America will not be the same without him.”  That bothered me because I know that for millions of people in America, those words were true.  They would rather watch Tim Russert than worship Jesus Christ on His day.  They would rather celebrate upcoming elections than the resurrection.

Wouldn’t it be nice for somebody to say, “I really miss Jesus.  Sunday mornings just aren’t the same without Him.”?  And even though we don’t have Jesus here in the flesh for a little while, we do have the wonderful privilege of worshiping Him in spirit, knowing that where people gather in His name He is there.

And so, I just wanted to say, “I miss Him!”  He is the reason for enjoying Sunday mornings, not some televised political round-table.  Thankfully, He has left us His Spirit in His absence to lead us and comfort us and illumine our study of God’s Word.

Perhaps some day, soon, America will realize the necessity of the preeminence of Jesus Christ and His resurrection.  Hopefully, we will have the great privilege of introducing our Savior to multitudes in a great spiritual awakening like we have had in the past.  God will have to do this.  We do know, however, that God is jealous for His own glory.  Perhaps He will move in our land.  Let’s pray toward that end!


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  1. Posted by Joy Wagner on June 19, 2008 at 10:12 am

    The great thing is that “He never leaves us or forsakes us” so we never have to be without Him even traveling across USA!
    I was thinking about you guys this past Sunday. This was prabably the first Sunday in years that you guys haven’t been overwhelmed with church ministry. Did Deborah want to jump up and teach children? Were you holding your arm down from waving it to the beat of “O to see the dawn” ? Anyway, it was probably a welcomed rest!
    Don’t forget- there are plenty of people in Denver that you could pastor!
    Praying for you


  2. Posted by Joy Wagner on June 19, 2008 at 10:17 am

    I forgot to mention in my last post that the nation and world will do just fine without Russert, but it’s a huge encouragement/conviction that we can do nothing without Christ. I wrote a reading about this so I’ll send it to you.


  3. Joy,

    Thanks for your note! We are enjoying our “time off” and the opportunity to visit various churches and learn from them. I just heard about an interesting outreach opportunity at a church in MA this past Sunday. The Lord is clearly putting things in our path that will be helpful in future ministry. The church we were in Sunday did sing “In Christ Alone” so it was almost like Red Rocks! Thanks for your reading which I received as well.


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