Mike Huckabee Is a Fiscal Conservative.

So says Dick Morris, former advisor to Huckabee, in this interesting excerpt from a November 2007 article:

 “As Mike Huckabee rises in the polls, an inevitable process of vetting him for conservative credentials is under way in which people who know nothing of Arkansas or of the circumstances of his governorship weigh in knowingly about his record. As his political consultant in the early ’90s and one who has been following Arkansas politics for 30 years, let me clue you in: Mike Huckabee is a fiscal conservative.”

(Read the rest of the article at: http://tinyurl.com/26cpbb.)


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  1. Sorry, but quoting Bill Clinton’s longtime pollster and advisor (and the guy who quit Clinton in disgrace for hiring hookers) on who is a fiscal conservative doesn’t help your case. Today Robert Bork, who knows a great deal more about what a conservative is than Morris does said Huckabee “is not even remotely conservative.” And he’s right.

    Hiking taxes, opposing school vouchers, increasing the size of state government, keeping Clinton’s cronies in office, letting rapists out to rape again…these don’t make him conservative–fiscal or otherwise.

    I know you’re backing him to the hilt, but can you give me one example of his conservatism (in practice, not words) outside of being pro-life? I mean Harry Reid is pro-life, but he’s hardly conservative.


  2. Watchman, you need to read what Morris said. The things Morris commented on that Huckabee did while governor ARE conservative.


  3. I did read what they lying liberal Dick Morris said. He doesn’t provide a SINGLE example of Huckabee actually governing as a fiscal conservative. Some tax cuts to offset (half of) the huge tax increases? That’s hardly a point in his favor. Giving Huckabee credit for what the legislature did on tax credits and dedcutions? Please. That article is a joke.

    And I notice you didn’t provide one sign of Huckabee’s conservatism either. Hmmm…


  4. Obviously, we disagree. I’m not going to rehash all the things I’ve already pointed out about Mike’s conservative credentials. Read the blog. Read other blogs. And try to do better with your argumentation.


  5. Brian, please at least try to be serious. You post a link to an article by Bill Clinton’s pollster as “proof” that Huckabee is conservative and then say I need to make better arguments? Come on.

    I used your site’s search feature to check your posts on Huckabee. There’s nothing you have pointed to on the first three pages of posts that serve as proof of him being a conservative. Nothing.

    You’ve quoted liberals saying he is. You’ve said he is. You’ve said the people who say he isn’t are wrong. You say you’ve investigated. But you don’t offer proof.

    Raising net taxes $500 million in ten years–not conservative.
    Opposing school vouchers and private school choice–not conservative.
    Expanding state government–not conserative.
    Keeping your leadership team stocked with Clintonites–not conservative.
    Releasing rapists and murders early to repeat their crimes–not conservative.
    Supporting a nationwide smoking ban–not conservative.
    Opposing Bush’s veto of SCHIP expansion (and being the only Republcan candidate to do so)–not conservative.

    And by the way, opposing the conservative takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention when he was still a pastor and fighting those who hold to a belief in inerrancy isn’t a real mark in his favor either. Paul Presser said he didn’t appoint “a single conservative” when he was head of the Arkansas Baptist Convention.

    All of these things are facts. Where are yours?


  6. They’re in plain sight. I’m not going to rehash them. All the things you continue to bring up have already been dealt with, particularly on Mike’s website.


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