Mike Huckabee: From Church to State

norris-huckabee.jpgI was able to speak with Mike Huckabee again this afternoon and asked him why he left the ministry and got into politics.  I was also able to speak briefly with actor Chuck Norris, a family favorite.  You can hear the conversation by clicking below.



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  1. Posted by Bruce C on January 2, 2008 at 4:27 am

    Forget Wikipedia, I’ll just continue to call you from here on Brian! 🙂


  2. Brian,

    I’ve been one of those people that liked Huckabee, but never thought he had a chance. Now that he’s at the forefront of the race, I think alot more people may start supporting him as their ideal candidate.

    My question for you is if you could help clear some of the confusion lately over his record. Mitt Romney has been running some pretty harsh ads. And from what I have heard, he has attacked Huckabee’s record on raising taxes and providing education for illegals. Are these things true? If so, what does Huckabee have to say about them? If not, what is the truth?

    Btw, Mike was great last night on Leno.



  3. Rick,

    You (and anybody else) can find out the truth about Huckabee and the attack ads against him by going to:


  4. Hi Brian, I was sitting next to Governor Huckabee during that blogger call. That was a great question, and I enjoyed hearing how he made that transition.


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