Huckabee on Conservative Critics and Bloggers

**Update: you can visit the Truth Squad at by clicking here.**

huckabee.jpgI had the privilege this afternoon to speak with former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on a blogger conference call.  I asked Mike about recent criticism from Ann Coulter and Robert Novak on his conservative credentials.  You can listen to our brief conversation below.

Mike Huckabee on Conservative Critics and Bloggers


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  1. Posted by Jenner on December 29, 2007 at 3:29 am

    Conservative voters need to realize that all of this GOP posturing doesn’t really matter.

    The bottom line is Mitt Romney is the only candidate who stands a chance of winning against a Hillary Obama (pres/vp) ticket. Don’t waste your primary vote on someone who has no chance of winning.

    what good will Huckabee do for your faith when he is deciding what streets to re-pave in Little Rock as governor in 2009?

    War heroes:
    What good will McCain do for your legacy when he is making global warming documentaries in 2009?

    People who watched 9/11 from a couch in Tulsa:
    What good will Guiliani do for your rural security when he is teaching at NYU in 2009?

    ***IMPORTANT: A primary vote for Huckabee, Guiliani, or McCain is a November vote for Hillary and Obama. Period.

    Republicans need to vote ROMNEY or suck it up until 2016.


  2. Posted by Jenner on December 29, 2007 at 3:33 am

    Follow up to my previos comment:

    There are too many reasons they are unelectable to possible encompass in one post.

    Can’t resist. Not to mention Ann Coulter, here are a few revealing ones:
    Why did the Concord Monitor Newspaper attack Mitt Romney so ruthlessly? These people are as liberal Democratic as they come. What about Romney scares them enough to lash out like that? Hmmmm….It sounds like these Hillary lovers really want Huck to be the nominee in November. I wonder WHY?

    Rush Limbaugh. The guy lives and breathes for the Republican party. He’s spent his career defending and promoting the GOP, through thick and thin. I wonder why he has come out so vocally AGAINST Huckabee??? Hmmm…He’s obviously protecting his beloved GOP from something….Could it be ignorant Huckabee supporters who don’t understand that Mike Huckabee will NEVER be elected by the general population outside of the Bible Belt. Rush knows it, so shuld Huckabee supporters.

    Can you sense the frustration level?

    Here is one more thought to keep you up at night (no, it’s not Huck sitting across a table from Ahmadinejad). The supreme court is ONE judge away from overturning Roe v Wade. Romney will appoint a pro-lifer, Hillary Won’t. Given that Huck/McCain can’t win, it appears that most evangelicals are really in favor of abortion. Think about it.


  3. Posted by Dave on December 29, 2007 at 9:59 am


    I hope you don’t find his answer convincing. Ann Coulter is writing to gain favor with the DC crowd? She’s carrying water for one of the other campaigns? I find that laughable.

    But why hypothesize about motives in the first place? Usually, the point of trying to poison the well is to avoid facing the arguments. That seems like a shallow strategy here, and, from my perspective, has become one of the chief reasons why it is hard to take Huckabee seriously. Most times he is criticized over a policy issue his answer is that he’s being attacked because: (1) he’s not an insider; (2) he’s an evangelical; or (3) both. That’s not good leadership. That’s avoiding the point by playing the martyr.

    I started out hopeful, but those hopes are fading fast.


  4. Dr. Doran,

    I should have posted the entire blogger call. It’s hard to take one excerpt and let it stand alone. In fact, Mike spent the majority of the 30-minute call dealing specifically with the various charges being leveled against him. His website has a Truth Squad area where they are constantly debunking accusations.

    Now, I realize that Huckabee is not perfect. He has made mistakes, and many times had admitted to them publicly. However, I still think he is the best candidate for this election.

    Perhaps I am more aware of this than some people because of the level of my political interest, but I was absolutely amazed a few months back when I attended a Hugh Hewitt event here in Denver. Some of my closest political friends were there, including a past governor and U.S. rep. They all, including Hugh, were 100% behind Romney. Now that wasn’t the part that shocked me. Romney isn’t a bad candidate. He is conservative. However, what surprised me was how vehemently Hugh and everybody else were about NOT supporting anybody else. In fact, Hugh totally ignored questions from the audience about Huckabee (this was when Huckabee was pretty non-existent in the polling). His points were: (1) Romney has the charisma to energize the general populace (like Reagan, he said); (2) Romney has the personal means to sustain a long campaign; (3) Despite his Mormonism, he is consistent on conservative issues.

    I couldn’t believe how lock-step these people were with regard to Romney. It’s as though they had already chosen the nominee and everybody else had better get in line. I hadn’t seen this side of my political friends before. I didn’t like it.

    And my question to Mike was specifically NOT about the content of the articles from Coulter and Novak; I wanted to know his thoughts about WHY they were attacking him. Because until he gained noticeably in the polls, they didn’t utter a peep about him. So why now? Well, I have come to find out that many of the talking heads in conservative talk radio and news outlets are of the same mind as my friends here in Colorado–they have already committed to Romney or Thompson, some privately but most publicly. They are not willing to back off. So the gloves come off.

    Hugh used the same words the previous commenter did here on my blog: “a vote for Huckabee is actually a vote for _________.” In Hugh’s case, it was a vote for Giuliani because conservatives are going to vote for either Romney or Huckabee and if the vote is split than neither gets the nomination. And, he said, in the general election, Giuliani gets trounced by Hillary while Romney beats her.

    Well, things change. The latest polls show that Romney doesn’t beat her at all. In fact, very few of the candidates can. Huckabee is one of them. McCain is one of them.

    And I know that polls are not the end-all and can change again. But I have been a supporter of Huckabee from the outset of his campaign and have looked pretty thoroughly at his record and his critics. I am satisfied with his consistency on the issues. I appreciate the Christian viewpoint he brings to the political discussion. I think he’s likable enough and common enough to inspire ordinary Americans.

    BTW, he’s doing well in Michigan–another big surprise to the Republican elite.


  5. Posted by Dave on December 29, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    Thanks for the follow up, and for pointing me toward the Truth Squad site. Cutting through the fog put out in campaigns (by all sides) is getting to be a Herculean task. There’s no doubt that Hewitt declared himself early and has pushed everything that direction from the get-go.

    My concerns come from observations by those who are not part of any particular campaign, e.g., the Powerline gang. They are equal opportunity critics, but they have leveled more criticisms at Huckabee than most of the others. Specifically, they have targeted criticisms re: non-conservative principles on most candidates, but it seems they find very little true conservatism in Huckabee. In their mind, he’s a populist who’s naive on foreign policy. At this point, I find it hard to reject their assessment. That’s disappointing to me because he does run an attractive campaign that could win.

    Since it’s the primary season, I am not concerned about hypotheticals about winning the election though. I am concerned about finding out who these candidates are and what they believe. I’ve got a few more weeks until the Michigan primary, so I’ll keep looking.


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