Come, Let Us Adore Him!

rembrandt07.jpgI adore my Jesus more today than ever in my life.  This Christmas season has provided me the opportunity to delve more deeply into, think more biblically about, and appreciate more fully the Incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth than I can remember.  I am so overwhelmed by this Gift that I even choked up during my worship leading last Sunday morning just talking about King Ahaz and the connection to Isaiah 7:14!  The mercy of God is not a concept easy to embrace or to appreciate as fully as it deserves.  I think many theologians and even songwriters are right to speak of “floods” of mercy.

Think about it for a moment.  Jesus creates man and puts us in the world’s most incredible garden.  We reject his simplest instruction.  Jesus comes to us as the most innocent and vulnerable baby.  He models for us true godliness and experiences all of life’s trouble, troubles that came as the result of our sin in the Garden.  We reject him and kill him.  Jesus gives Himself new life and goes to prepare a place for us!  He sends the most wonderful Comforter we could imagine to take up residence in our bodies.  We war against this Comforter, daily.

If I were Jesus, I would be thinking about a different kind of flood, more of the Noahic variety.  But not my Jesus.

His love is long-suffering.  His grace is superabundant.  His mercy renews every morning.  His strength is sufficient.  His arms are strong.  His compassion never fails.

Make no mistake.  This is the same Jesus who will judge and sentence millions to everlasting torment.  This is the same Jesus who has a fiery jealousy for His own glory and honor.

But Jesus motivates not from fear, but from love.  It is His greatest attribute.  He is my God; I worship Him.  He is my Bridegroom; I love Him.  He is my Head; I submit to Him.  He is my Mediator; I have access to God and Heaven through Him.  He is my Peace.  He is my Prince.  He is my Propitiation.  I could go on and on and on.

Did you ever stop and wonder why Jesus came as a baby?  Certainly, he could have walked in from the desert one day like John the Baptist.  He could have appeared with ten legions of angels on Herod’s front porch.

How else, though, could Jesus have experienced all of life and shown us how to live?  He needed to experience each stage of growth, each unique biological challenge.  And He did.  What a Savior!

I asked my congregation last Wednesday night what they thought Jesus would want for Christmas?  I’m sure we could think of many fine presents for the Savior.  But remember the desire of His heart in a garden of sorrows, the night before His murder?  He prayed to His Father, another incredible model for us.  In that prayer, He told His Father what he wanted.  He wanted those the Father had given Him to be with Him so that they would know the love that the Father had for Jesus.

The Bible says some remarkable things.  One of those is that no man knows the time of Jesus’ return, not even Him.  I wonder if this holiday season, Jesus, in the perfect fellowship of the Divine Trinity, is asking His Father, “How Long, Father, How Long?”  He wants us to be with Him.  That is some love.  It is overwhelming to me.

Even so come, Lord Jesus.  Even so come, Church, let us adore Him.


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  1. Posted by John on December 30, 2007 at 3:10 am

    Great!! This has helped me adore my saviour more.


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