Video: Huckabee on Charlie Rose



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  1. Thanks for posting this video. I have observed Huckabee since early in his Governor days in Arkansas. He is a terrific communicator, with a great grasp on the issues. I really hope he gains momentum in Iowa or New Hampshire. Making a better showing in either state will likely result in a bit more national press.


  2. Help spread the word about Mike Huckabee!

    On December 29th there will be a national effort to raise awareness about Mike Huckabee and his campaign for President.

    Grab your signs, shirts and other Mike Huckabee for President materials and get out. Run, walk, bike, march or drive around in a public place where you live. Let’s make sure that anyone that travels on December 29th sees a Mike Huckabee for President sign.


  3. This is a great video and we need to get it out to every potential voter!

    I like Mike! To find out why I’m going to give his campaign all of my December profits, go to


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