Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, and now Newsweek!?!?!?

I wasn’t surprised that Newt liked Mike.  He probably sees what many of us in him: a Reaganesque conservative with traditional values.  I was quite surprised when I read that Bill Clinton and Dick Morris both said he was the Republican Party’s best chance at beating Hillary.  But now, Jonathan Alter, a writer for Newsweek has published “The Case for Mike Huckabee.”  You can read it online by clicking here.  Clearly, there is some momentum in conservative corners for Mike–even the polling data suggests that.  But can he raise the money necessary to compete in big stakes politics?  I hope so.  I don’t know.  I found the article interesting and hope you will too.

(BTW, I will be talking to Governor Huckabee later this afternoon on the phone.  If anyone has a good question they would like him to answer, feel free to send it on to me at  I will also be with Hillary Clinton tomorrow afternoon in Denver so it should be an interesting 48 hours…)


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  1. Posted by Dad on October 23, 2007 at 10:41 am

    How did you conversation go with Gov. Huckabee? What were the circumstances by which you were able to get to talk with him? Then also, the same about Mrs. Bill Clinton. I’d be interested in their comments. Have a great day. Dad


  2. Hi Dad. We had a good conversation on Monday afternoon. I get the opportunity about 2-3 times each month to join a conference call with Huckabee and bloggers around the country. He usually makes a statement and then we can ask him questions on anything and everything. He was pretty upbeat this week after his good showings in the Value Voters straw poll and the debate in Orlando. More and more people are saying that he now needs to be considered as part of the “top tier” of candidates. The problem is: he doesn’t have their money. With money, Huckabee would be instantly competitive with all the big boys. He’s running second right now in the polls in Iowa, behind Romney, so we’ll see what happens. My dilemma right now is whether or not I should vote for Huckabee in the primary or Romney. I like Huckabee more than Romney, but some people are saying now that social conservatives like me need to vote for Romney. The logic is: if we vote for Huckabee (who’s not really viable according to them), that’s a vote away from Romney and can thus be a vote for Giuliani, who’s not socially conservative. Anyway, time will tell. It will all be finished by February 5th.

    Had an interesting time with Hillary yesterday afternoon. She came into town to do a rally on a college campus. I took Ashley and Kayla with me to see her. I didn’t give them much education before the rally because I wanted to see how they would react naturally first. Kayla absolutely loved Hillary. Ashley was more measured–I think because she knew Hillary is a Democrat. It’s amazing that we even got into the event because the line to get through Secret Service was well over a city block long. I did some schmoozing with a Clinton worker and got in before they shut the gates. We managed to get pretty close to the stage. Hillary’s speech was what you would expect: Bush-hate and more spending. One thing that was kind of funny happened after the speech when she was taking some pictures with donors behind the stage. Most of the people had already left but we were hanging out to see if we could meet with her. Toward the end of her speech, Hillary had said she loves to see kids at her events with their moms and dads and loves to meet them. Anyway, there was a lull in the music over the speakers and I told Ashley to call out to her. She was only about 10 feet away from us then. Ashley called out “Mrs. Clinton!” several times REALLY LOUDLY. Everyone that was with Hillary turned and looked at us. Hillary never missed a beat and didn’t even acknowledge Ashley. The remainder of the crowd that was around us all started booing Hillary! It was hilarious!


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