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God in Hell?

From a Pastor:  “Dr Van, after getting off on a rabbit trail discussing the omnipresence of God last night at prayer meeting, Katie, my youngest asked this question.  ‘If God is everywhere present, then is God in Hell?’ As we were discussing in church the omnipresence of God, we were also discussing whether or not God can allow sin into His presence, and how sin affects our prayers, several questions were raised.” 


From a senior saint:  “Is it true that God cannot allow sin into His presence?  Satan is certainly an unconfessing sinner, and he goes before God as the accuser of the brethren, and Lucifer was in heaven for all eternity past?”  Continue reading


New Sermon Online

I had the privilege to speak in our morning service today at Red Rocks Baptist Church.  I spoke from Titus 2 on “God’s Prescription for a Healthy Church.”  You can listen to the audio by clicking here.

Chuck says so.

I don’t argue with Norris:,2933,304096,00.html

Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, and now Newsweek!?!?!?

I wasn’t surprised that Newt liked Mike.  He probably sees what many of us in him: a Reaganesque conservative with traditional values.  I was quite surprised when I read that Bill Clinton and Dick Morris both said he was the Republican Party’s best chance at beating Hillary.  But now, Jonathan Alter, a writer for Newsweek has published “The Case for Mike Huckabee.”  You can read it online by clicking here.  Clearly, there is some momentum in conservative corners for Mike–even the polling data suggests that.  But can he raise the money necessary to compete in big stakes politics?  I hope so.  I don’t know.  I found the article interesting and hope you will too.

(BTW, I will be talking to Governor Huckabee later this afternoon on the phone.  If anyone has a good question they would like him to answer, feel free to send it on to me at  I will also be with Hillary Clinton tomorrow afternoon in Denver so it should be an interesting 48 hours…)

Morris Likes Mike

dick_morris.jpgReal Clear Politics has posted an interesting article by Dick Morris, former advisor to the Clintons, about my favorite candidate in the Republican race: Mike Huckabee.

Check it out by clicking here!!

New Blog

My good friend Rob Sanders has started a blog.

Rob is a layman who should probably be a pastor.  He loves to think deeply about theological subjects and is passionate about expository preaching.  He is also an aspiring string bass player.

You will enjoy Rob’s writings.  I know he’ll be excited to interact with you too.  Check him out!  His first post is about a recent exposure (does that sound like a disease?) to Brian McLaren.

What Is a Worship Leader?

worshipleader.gifI am a worship leader.  It’s the greatest job in the world.  To lead people before the throne of God, to help them to set their affections on things above, to watch the Spirit of God warm cold spirits into passionate love, to take them on a journey from revelation to adoration–there’s nothing I would rather do. 

I was a very wet-behind-the-ears seventeen-year-old freshman at Bible college when I was first thrust into this position.  And, for the next 5 years, I led musical traveling teams all across the country.  I loved it!  I gradually learned the tools of my trade.  I became a slick operator.  I could roll into a town and run the greatest youth rally that little rural church had ever seen.  I could setup the song packages in a church service in the way that I knew would generate the most oohs and aahs from the audience, or even the rare fundamentalist hand-clapping.  At the moment of corporate giving to the Lord, I would launch into one of my tried-and-true piano virtuosities.  I was well-loved by pastors and church people alike.  In some churches, I even became a bit of a celebrity, going back year after year–even doing music seminars for their teens about the evils of Contemporary Christian Music. Continue reading