It’s Vertical Day!

As I have stated before, I believe that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the best choice for the next President of the United States.

Since I first became acquainted with Governor Huckabee, I have watched him and his campaign very closely.  I have seen how he interacts with people, with media, and with his fellow candidates.  I have looked into every objection people have given me about his record in Arkansas.  I have read every online interview with the governor.

My opinion hasn’t changed.

I am more convinced today than ever before that Mike Huckabee is the right man for our country’s next CEO.  I want to convince you as well. 

Today and tomorrow, Mike is hosting a “Vertical Day” on his blog.  Vertical Day is his way of sharing with voters his ideas, hopes for America and the challenges facing us. He will answer some of your questions, hear from some of us, promote his positions on the issues through video and personal blogs and try some fun things online.  He is posting something new every hour.



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