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bday.gifMy family reaches a landmark this Thursday with the 13th birthday of my oldest child Christina.  Christina is a very talented and intelligent young lady who is active in her local church and growing by leaps and bounds.  However…

I am both sobered and saddened by this upcoming event.

I am sobered because of the massive work to be done to prepare her for adulthood.

I am saddened because I have only 5 more years in which to accomplish this in house.

What advice can you give a young father at this stage in his life? 


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  1. Posted by Brad Jury on July 11, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    Brian, has some good resources to begin to challenge your teen girl with some of what life has to bring her way in the coming years. Jennifer and I especially recommend “And the Bride Wore White.” However, be sure that you and Deb read it first to gain insights into any topic it may bring up that may be new to your daughter. With that said, the view of progressive sanctification is presented very clearly and is presented as the goal of purity–which we find to be lacking in many “purity-driven” books/materials for teen girls. Check it out!


  2. I say panic.



  3. Tasks that seem overwhelming need to be taken one day at a time. The Lord will provide grace and wisdom to use your influence in her life to the fullest. So use each day wisely.

    That being said, do your best to talk with her about the things that matter most to you- and do so often. Show her your Savior. Warn her of the errors of the thinking and influences many of her peers fall prey to. Ask her leading questions that will help her begin to piece these things together for herself, instead of simply parenting mom and dad’s value system. Love her. Love your wife- and let her see that. Acknowledge your faults to her.


  4. Good advice, Greg. I appreciate it.


  5. Aw, my sweet little Nina is 13…hard to believe. I think I gave Tony a coronary when I mentioned it to him this morning! She was the most beautiful newborn. We miss her and the rest of your family very much! Happy Birthday, Nina!!! From Aunt Jenny, Uncle Tony, and Abby


  6. Posted by Cheri on August 14, 2007 at 10:29 am

    I suggest you read Jim Berg’s book “Changed Into His Image,” which he wrote to his daughters as a discipleship manual.

    Jim Also has a web site for this book:


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