What Is a False Teacher, pt. 2

The second New Testament book that I want to survey on the subject of false teachers is 2 Peter, specifically chapter two:

1. Just as false prophets came out of Israel, false teachers will come out of the church. (2:1)
2. False teachers infiltrate (pareisaxousin) the church. (2:1)  They are deceptive in their approach.
3. The content of the teaching of false teachers is heresies (haireseis). (2:1)  Interestingly, “heresies” is transliterated, not translated.  In classical Greek, haireseis were schools of philosophies.  In the NT, it describes religious parties or sects, like Pharisees (Acts 15:5) and Sadducees (Acts 5:17). 
4. These heresies bring spiritual ruin (apoleias). (2:1)
5. False teachers deny the Redeemer. (2:1) [There is some debate over the meaning of this verse.  I take the position that the false teachers were not regenerate and only claimed that Christ had bought them.  You could also make an argument for unlimited atonement saying that Christ died for everyone, even false teachers; though they deny His claim on their lives.  I don’t wish to make this point a prolonged discussion for this thread.  Simply, let it suffice that false teachers deny Christ.]
6. False teachers bring sudden judgment on themselves. (2:1)
7. False teachers are successful in leading many astray. (2:2)
8. The teachings of false teachers are shameful (aselgeiais), referring to lustful, and in this context, sexually immoral activity. (2:2)
9. False teachers are blasphemers of truth. (2:2)
10. Because of their greed, false teachers will fabricate words (plastois logois) in order to commercialize (emporeusontai) the church. (2:3)
11. The judgment of false teachers is sure and imminent. (2:3)

Verses 4-10 contain illustrations of God’s sure judgment on sin.

12. False teachers indulge the flesh. (2:10)
13. False teachers despise authority. (2:10)
14. False teachers are brazenly arrogant. (2:10-11)
15. False teachers have no better instincts than animals when it comes to spiritual things. (2:12)
16. False teachers will receive the just reward for their sin. (2:13)
17. False teachers revel in unrighteousness. (2:14)
18. False teachers are habitually addicted to sin. (2:14)
19. False teachers have willfully rejected truth. (2:15-16)
20. False teachers cannot deliver on their promises. (2:17)
21. False teachers are unregenerate and will go to hell. (2:17)
22. False teachers lure people into immoral living. (2:18)
23. False teachers lure immature believers. (2:18)
24. False teachers promise freedom that they don’t even know personally. (2:19)
25. False teachers are slaves of sin. (2:19)

There is much more that could be said and many more passages that could be examined.  However, in the final installment of this short survey, I will summarize my findings thus far and draw a few conclusions about false teachers for discussion and, hopefully, understanding.


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