Huckabee on the Fair Tax

In a conference call this morning, former governor Mike Huckabee fielded questions from bloggers around the country. The most interesting questions, from my perspective, involved the fair tax.

On May 15th, eight thousand Republicans filled the Carolina Coliseum to vote on which presidential candidate presented the most effective and comprehensive tax reform plan during that night’s presidential debate. Mike Huckabee was the overwhelming winner, garnering 42.5% of the vote. You can see the results here.

If you are not familiar with the fair tax, here is a brief synopsis:

The FairTax plan is a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue replacement, and, through companion legislation, the repeal of the 16th Amendment. This nonpartisan legislation (HR 25/S 1025) abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes and replaces them with one simple, visible, federal retail sales tax — administered primarily by existing state sales tax authorities. The IRS is disbanded and defunded. The FairTax taxes us only on what we choose to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn. The FairTax is a fair, efficient, transparent, and intelligent solution to the frustration and inequity of our current tax system. (from

Click here to listen to Mike Huckabee’s answers to questions this morning about the fair tax: huckabee52507.mp3.

You can take part in an active straw poll for the candidate(s) of your choice by clicking here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. […] Huckabee on the Fair Tax […]


  2. Brian,

    STOP IT! You are making me want to break my vow and re-enter the world of conservative politics and activism.

    The more I read about Huckabee, the more I like him. Do you sense any forward momentum for him outside of places where hardcore conservative live?

    Keep up the info. I’m not ready to “buy in” yet, but I’m liking a lot of what I read from you on him.


  3. Good book on the fair tax: The Fair Tax Book: Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS

    Downsides of the fair tax:

    Congress would relinquish control over all the loopholes that they love (think lobbyists and PACs)
    It would be battles royal to get it enacted. It’s a complete paradigm-shift from income tax to consumption tax.

    I personally like Mike Huckabee but I’m not sure if he has the name recognition that McCain has.


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