Statement by former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR) on the New Baptist Covenant Celebration:

“While I continue to have great respect for President Carter as a
fellow Christian believer and Baptist, I’m deeply disappointed by the
unusually harsh comments made in my state this past weekend regarding
President Bush, and feel that it represents an unprecedented personal attack
on a sitting president by a former president which is unbecoming the
office as well as unbecoming to one whose conference is supposed to be
about civility and bringing people together.

“President Carter violated an unspoken code that you don’t make
personal attacks on others who currently hold the job — you just don’t.

“I tentatively agreed to participate in the Baptist meeting with the
understanding that it was a celebration of faith and not a political
convocation. In light of the program and roster of speakers, as well as
the very harsh comments toward our president this weekend, I feel it
would be best for me to decline the invitation and to not appear to be
giving approval to what could be a political, rather than spiritual agenda.

“Had I spoken at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration, they would
have heard a very conservative message which would be unapologetically
pro-life, pro-family and by some definitions, fundamentalist in theology.
But I’m a conservative who’s not mad at anyone else and would not
want to knowingly participate in a program if the focus was to tear down
others instead of to lift Christ up.”

“Withdrawing from the gathering is one of the few ways that I can show
my disappointment in the comments that were made this weekend.”


One response to this post.

  1. It is unfortunate that Huckabee has decided to allow political differences to trump spiritual unity. Ironically, by dropping out of the Celebration because of political comments with which he disagreed, Huckabee demonstrated why the Celebration is so desperately needed—Baptists are tragically divided and polarized. The whole point of the Celebration is to bring together all Baptist voices. If there is a gap on the program, it will be the fault of Huckabee for silencing himself. Baptists must come together to show that our unified faith and values are more important than political, racial, or other differences. The compassionate Gospel of Christ is what our divided world needs.


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