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Speaking the Truth in Love

whisper.gifAs a result of a recent discussion at my favorite blog in the world, SharperIron, I have again come to wrestle internally with various aspects of Christian character and how they are communicated to a watching world.  The following is just my thinking over the issues.  I did not supply supporting Bible passages for each assertion, but can if it would be helpful for anyone.

I come from a tradition that takes pride in being called “Fighting Fundamentalists” and uses terms like “militant” to describe their stance toward error.  I agree with this approach, by the way, as long as it is focused on the faith, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Continue reading


“I Die Like Jesus Christ”

choseunghui.gifCho Seung-Hui.

One week ago, only a handful of people knew that name.  Today, most of the world does.

On the morning of April 17, 2007, Cho chose to unleash his own pent-up anger on the campus of Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia.  After killing his first two victims in a dormitory, Cho mailed a package to the National Broadcasting Company in New York City.  The package contained photographs, videos, and writings.

In one of the videos, Cho says “Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenceless people.”  In another video however, Cho states that “Jesus loves crucifying me.” Continue reading

New Huckabee Resource

The Huckabee campaign has just launched a You-Tube page that currently holds 10 videos from the governor on various issues.  Check it out!

Forbidden Fruit or Fit for a King? (part one)

apple.gifWhen singer Tony Bennett was pressured to convert his repertoire to the popular rock-n-roll of the 1950’s, he asked the opinion of a long-time friend and musician Count Basie.  Basie simply told him, “Why change an apple?”  Continue reading

Huckabee on Hannity

Listen to Governor Mike Huckabee discuss national issues with radio host Sean Hannity and callers.

Click here.

Resurrection Sunday: the true story

snowcity.gif“We want to welcome you this morning to the North Pole!  Take out your hymnals and turn to ‘Jingle Bells’!”

That is the way I wanted to start the service yesterday morning.  By 10 AM, a heavy snow was falling in metro Denver and a major accident had just occurred outside our church entrance.  It was more like a winter wonderland than a spring meadow! Continue reading

Easter and the Bunny

easterbunny.gifI have a dark secret…I killed the Easter Bunny.

That’s right.  For all you fundamentalist conspiracy theorists out there, the grim truth can no longer be hid.  We hate the Easter Bunny and it’s about time someone did something about it! Continue reading