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SEPARATION, part one

separation.gifIt completely unsettled my world.  I was a teenager, living with my missionary parents in Portobello, a suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland.  I loved the ministry.  Even as an adolescent, I really had a desire to be involved with my parents in the establishing of a local church in that very spiritually cold nation.  Practically speaking, I was part of a two-man team that led youth activities in our church.  The other man was a 20-something-year-old named John.  In many ways, John seemed older–much older–than he actually was; however, looking back, in other ways he was dreadfully immature.  Despite (or maybe because of) his immaturity, he was my best friend.  We travelled together across the country–always by train.  We held youth activities in local parks and took outings to castles and other interesting venues.  We led other kids to the Lord.  We were a TEAM… Continue reading


Why I Hate Christmas

tree.gifWell, here we are again…December…my least favorite month.  I can’t stand it.  Well, I’m finally going to do something about it.  I’m going to publish the Top Ten reasons I can think of to hate Christmas.  You better watch out–I might convert you too!!

1. I HATE CHRISTMAS because I am lazy and Christmas calls for my hardest work.   Anyone knows that it is the busiest time of year for a music pastor.  Between the kids program, the school program, and the church programs, I am stuck in hyper-drive until I collapse in a heap on my bed on December 25th.  I’m sure Jesus never meant for me to work this hard to promote His cause, did he?  Continue reading