Responsible Citizenship Requires Action

vote.gifWarning: This is pure political propaganda!  If you’re looking for more spiritually enriching material, check out my past articles!

Frankly, I am weary of the anti-Republican sentiment being communicated by Republicans.  Even Ken Mehlman, former GOP Chairman, was lamenting the coming election today and is predicting large losses in Congress.  I have heard that anywhere from 7 to 30 seats are in limbo in the US House and that there are at least 9 very competitive races in the Senate.  We may lose control of one or both Houses of Congress.

Why the trend?  Let’s see…people don’t like President Bush, think the War in Iraq has gone on too long and been too costly, think we have a do-nothing Congress, listen to the mainstream media too regularly and recklessly, the Foley Scandal, the Intelligence gaffes–maybe even gas prices are still too high!!

Well, I have a simple point to make and then I’ll get off my soapbox.  Do you really want the alternative to a GOP-led legislature?

If you want our soldiers pulled prematurely from the war zone in Iraq, vote for the Democrats.

If you want to see even higher spending than this Congress has managed to accomplish, vote for the Democrats.

If you want the country to be entangled in endless blame-games and impeachments of its current leadership, vote for the Democrats.

If you want Justice John Paul Stevens to be replaced by a liberal, pro-choice, revisionist justice, put the Dems in power and vote for their next President.

If you want social programs to be expanded to the point of ridiculosity, vote for the Democrats.

If you want a do-nothing Congress when it comes to fixing Social Security, balancing the budget, growing the military, and economic growth, vote for the Democrats.

If you really believe that the Democrats have a national plan for anything besides national health care, vote for the Democrats.

Those of you who are disenchanted with the GOP-led Congress need to take a cold, hard look at the voting records.  What you will find is that the Republicans in the US House have been ambitious, economically frugal, and efficient in passing bill after bill after bill.  These bills and the bulk of President Bush’s agenda have been stymied in ONE place: the US Senate.  If you really care about the state of our country, you WILL get involved.  In my state, I’m proud to say that in both our gubernatorial and US House race in my district, the candidates are within the margin of error in recent polling.  Republicans in my state are working hard to ensure that we do not lose the precious little ground we have made in the last 2-4 years.  I’m only sorry that we don’t have any Senate races up this time.

If you, like fellow blogger Dan Burrell, are considering sitting this one out, I want to implore you to do what you can to ensure a Republican majority in Congress.  Whether that means spending a little money or a couple hours at a phone bank or walking a few neighborhoods–every little bit helps.  And while I am sympathetic with the sentiments in my own party, the alternative is not worth my inaction.  I’m not talking about going “whole hog” and getting absorbed in the campaign process.  I am, however, advocating a “get-up-and-do-something” mentality to a “sit on the sidelines” position.

Government is not our salvation and never will be.  It is, however, our privilege and duty to participate in our democratic republic.  Do you really want Democrats representing you?


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  1. AMEN…I’m going to mention your post on my blog… Even if it influences one or two to get out there and at least vote, it’s worth it! Thanks for saying what needs to be said in your no-nonsense way! 🙂


  2. Do you want Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House? Then vote Democrat!

    Do you want endless investigations of the Bush administration and gridlock in government? Vote Democrat!

    For what it is worth the Democrats have had their share of scandals too: Abscam, Stubbs and the page, et al.

    And what solutions do the Democrats offer? Nothing really. They are just anti Republican.

    Democrats were against the missle defence program. Now we wish we had it completely in place. The Democrats are against oil exploration (continental shelf, Gulf of Mexico, artic). The mess with North Korea is the result of failures in the Clinton administration.

    I hope we do not go back! Vote Republican!


  3. […] One of the greatest privileges we have as American citizens is having a say in who our leaders are, both nationally and locally.  I have such a great feeling of pride & citizenship on election day as I go into the voting booth to cast my ballot.  I love taking my daughter along with me and explaining the importance of our outing that day.  I am not one to get involved in political arguments and debate, but I am proud to say that I am a conservative Republican.  I know that, overall, the things republican stand for are much more in line with my biblical and moral beliefs than are those of democrats or of any other party.  However, I am not always good at putting into words my fervor toward the importance of voting.  My good friend Brian McCrorie is, though, and I would encourage EVERYONE to go read this honest, no-nonsense post on his blog on why we should vote in the upcoming elections.  We DO make a difference…please don’t shirk this responsibility, as we have too much to lose by not participating!  And please go read Brian’s post!   […]


  4. Wow, FINALLY something upon which Brian and I disagree. I think it’s a first, but of course it was also inevitable.

    First, let me clarify something — I have not and am not suggesting a boycott of the election per say. In fact, I haven’t said that I wasn’t planning on voting. (I will admit that I’m rather ambivalent at this point, but will probably vote just to vote against some local tax and bond proposals.) Of course, we have a civic opportunity (I’m not 100% convinced that it is a ‘responsibility’, but it IS at least an opportunity) to register our opinion each election.

    My question has been and continues to be to what extent is it wise stewardship for me to invest time, energy, focus, money and personal influence on a party that is only slightly less corrupt than the dreaded Democrats.

    For all the sing-songy prose that warns us against Speaker Polosi, cut and running from Iraq, replacement of Stevens with a Ted Kennedy clone, et. al., I would suggest that this is a fairly typical technique used by political operatives to stir up their base, but I’m not buying it. First, we have 2 more years of PRESIDENT George W. Bush and his handy-dandy veto pen. Few are predicting that the Republicans will lose control of the Senate, but I would suggest that even with the current majority, if a known liberal like Stevens or Ginsburg were to retire, there would be tremendous pressure from the likes of Snowe, Chaffee — even McCain, L. Graham and assorted RINO’s calling for a “moderate” nominee and threatening to derail (through fillibuster) a hardline conservative. Look at the erosion of support between Roberts and Alito and know that it would be even greater if a true liberal were to retire.

    So, let’s return the current Republican leadership to Washington and what are we likely to get?

    A party that regularly evicerates Conservative Christians while welcoming the likes of Kolbe and Foley and myriad gay congressional staffers into the big tent.

    A Speaker who chose to look the other way since at least 2000 rather than lead the politically incorrect confrontation of a gay Congressman who was showing undue and inappropriate levels of attention to teenage boys.

    On-going support of a war that I still contend was questionable at its onset due to false and faulty and flawed intelligence (which has never been honestly dealt with) and which shows no sign of abatement as the radical Muslims shed each other’s blood in their own streets pausing only to occasionally kill young American soldiers whose responsibility it has become to prop up not one, but two, vile and wicked MUSLIM governments which would delight in supressing any non-Muslim voices to the point of executing believers.

    A party that is very likely to nominate someone of the ilk of John McCain to be the standard bearer in 2008 — a man who tried to gain the nomination last time by launching a full-frontal assault on Bob Jones University, Jerry Falwell and other conservative evangelicals. If it’s not McCain, it could be the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, thrice-married Guiliani or the staunch Mormon governor of one of the inarguably most liberal states in the country.

    A party that has become so arrogant and so consumed with maintaining their power that they have spent this nation into a spiral of deficits that is lined totally with pork-barrel projects ands burgeoning federal programs.

    The party that gave us the fiasco of No Child Left Behind and the new Medicare Prescription Programs — two of the most outrageously expensive federal power grabs in history.

    So….forgive me if I’ve become jaded and cynical and have difficulty in seeing much of a difference between the Democrats who behave like Democrats or the Republicans who generally behave like Democrats. We all have limited amounts of highly valuable resources — time, money, personal influence. I see nothing in the current political landscape that makes me want to expend one bit of my own resources to see more of the same sustained in the halls of power.

    But, all that said, let every man be convinced in his own mind. I’m just a lone voice. A lone voice that is committed to saying to anyone who’ll listen — I’m tired of the futility of politics at this point in my life.

    Feel free to flame away! Wishing I was big-time wrong…..Dan


  5. Brian,

    I love your passion, but I’m afraid I’m more in agreement with Dan on this one. HOWEVER, I am going to vote (and I’m glad Dan clarified because I never understood him to say he wouldn’t vote). In fact, you will be pleased to know that I have allowed Don Manzullo’s (our congressman and a Christian) team to put a sign in my yard. But that is about as far as my political activity will go.

    My gut tells me that Republicans need to be punished, not buttressed by their base. Maybe a sound beating will teach the party that they cannot get away with playing to people’s fears (the “dreaded democrats”) while simultaneously stabbing principle in the back.


  6. Guys,

    I appreciate your feedback. Obviously I disagree. Dan, I do appreciate you so much and feel like you are a kindred spirit in so MANY areas. However, I do believe that the consequences involved in “punishing” the Republicans are far worse than deserved or desired. Sure, many of the items I listed in my posting are scare tactics–I admit that. But there is real reason to FEAR a Democratic legislature, at this time and era.

    There are many bad eggs in both parties, but I happen to know many fantastic guys–new guys–that will bring a fresh perspective to Washington. These are guys who share our values, who are fed up with the “system,” who have taken positions contrary to the administration and congressional leadership. I want to cheer these guys on to victory. We need their kind. Bad eggs? Squash them, kick them out of office, vote for their opponents. But I don’t feel there is any need for such an overaction in punishing the entire Party and hurting the country as a result, perhaps setting us back for years in various areas.

    I’m glad both of you are voting. “Render to Caesar” is a vague command which certainly applies to taxes, but who knows what else. I do think it is worthwhile as a citizen of a Republic at least to engage in the voting process however.

    Stewardship, as I’ve commented at Dan’s blog, is a truly legitimate concern for all ministers of the Gospel. I am NOT advocating an abandonment or even lessening of any ministry or familial duties to campaigning. I guess I’m just blessed to have at least two outstanding candidates to support this time around in my state and I’m happy to give them what little free time I can.

    Appreciate your comments…just respectfully disagree.


  7. Brian,

    Forgive my political illiteracy, but can these new guys of whom you speak really accomplish anything as Republicans. Isn’t the party sold down the river? I think the GOP is not only a party, but a system and the system is broken.

    What if I decide that I dread a Republican government as much as I dread a Democrat government? IMO, the GOP needs a radical reformation or a split. I personally weary of everybody trying to piggy-back on everybody to advance their particular agendas. In order to have a good Republican in office, we’ll tolerate 10 bad ones.

    Set me straight, my friend.


  8. Posted by Bessie on October 11, 2006 at 10:01 am

    There are independents who run in the elections.


  9. Again, no political debate expert here, but in my position as a Christian mother, housewife, secretary to my husband and church member, I don’t feel I can do a huge amount at this point to “right the wrongs” which are obvious in the Republican party as well as other parties. However, all I can do is continue to support those who MOST closely represent my viewpoints and convictions. I would rather have them keep some kind of hold on national and local offices rather than “punishing” them for wrongs others in their party have done and having the entire country fall into the hands of a LARGE group of people who are MOSTLY pro-abortion, anti-capitalist, anti-family, etc.
    That said, I don’t vote strictly down party lines when I vote either, I try to weigh the candidates on their own merits and viewpoints as much as possible. I vote for EACH INDIVIDUALLY. What they stand for matters way more to me than what party they have signed up with.
    I also don’t see how NOT voting says anything for what is right or how it “punishes” one party or another. If you don’t vote, what leg do you have to stand on to do all the ranting and raving we all like to do about parties and candidates???


  10. I don’t think the “system” as such will ever be totally fixed, but there are “reformers” such as the men I know. These are men who realize that it takes time to work up the ranks into positions of leadership but are still willing to take the journey. Of course, it’s not impossible that a third party might gain prominence over time, but it’s not historically very realistic, in my opinion.

    “Evil men will wax worse and worse.” I don’t know that the political system in our country will ever see “glory days” again (or that it ever has). Leaders of our national past stood without apology for biblical truth. I don’t know that we’ll ever regain a sense of national conscience or not. I do think though we should do our part as citizens to work toward continued political and religious liberty as God allows.


  11. Posted by Bob Barnes on October 11, 2006 at 9:03 pm

    I generally vote for the Republican except in cases like the KKK guy who ran against a Democrat in the last house election. Having said that, I would be quick to point out that political parties are not our salvation. I will vote because I feel it is an civic responsibility, bnut God raises up and sets down Presidents, Representatives, Senators, Governers and local government. Men will fail and dissappoint us — God never will.


  12. Brian,

    How do we deal with the fact that it has been a Republican Administration that has far out spent even the previous Democratic administration under President Clinton?

    Economically frugal? This administration? That statement puzzles me.

    It seems your argument for support of the Republican party boils down to the old “lesser of two evils argument.” However, I am not sure the Republican party is the lesser of two evils. If anything, they are just a little more cagey about their evil.

    If you want BIG government—vote Republican. If you want insipid wishy washy government vote Democrat.

    In either case, the substantive difference between the two is inconsequential—they are both headed in the same direction. The only difference between the two seems to be who benefits from their respective efforts.

    The real issue that sticks in my throat is that the Republicans pretend to be our friends. I’d rather know my enemies than have a “friend” turn out to be something other than my friend.

    I am also singularly unimpressed by the present administration’s appointments to the Supreme Court. The amazing lack of Constitutionality on both sides at the Supreme Court is frightening. I am really perplexed at the choices we have been given—what choice really is it when on the one side are flaming liberals who are quoting law outside the Constitutional framework as the basis for their decisions and flaming fascists whose intent seems to be to irradicate any and all redress available to the common man through the courts? (Oops—I guess it was a Republican who ruled that international law should trump our Constitution i.e. Sandra Day O’Connor. Clarence Thomas seems to be the only there who is basically consistent but not totally. Justice Scalia the same at times and at times he really scares me with the things he puts into writing.)

    I don’t think the choices are so black and white as you seem to think. Both parties are responsible for the condition of our government today and both parties are parties to our demise in the interest of special interests.


  13. Barnes, good thoughts. I absolutely agree!

    David, good to hear from you. You’re right–spending has been outrageous. However, you have to chalk up a good deal of the extra spending to hurricane assistance, a couple of little wars we’re fighting, and the like. Did you hear that the President announced yesterday that the budget deficit has been cut in half, three years earlier than projected? Also, his tax cuts and economic incentives have revitalized our economy dramatically since 9/11.

    It’s not black and white–more of black and gray from my perspective. Maybe at times it is the lesser of the two evils. I, for one, am encouraged by the appointment of two conservative Supreme Court justices. I, for one, still want to hold to the GOP party platform. Have you read the Dems platform lately? It is a document full of values antithetical to those shared by most Bible-believers.

    Sure, there are good Democrats and bad Republicans but the reverse is also true and far more common, IMO.

    I get involved because I am encouraged by my GOP candidates out here in CO. I also dread the alternative. It’s not the end of the world is the Dems regain control. It’s not a matter of eternal life/death. It can be though a matter of grave concern. Issues of free speech and the practice of religion could definitely be at stake. The continued socialism of our country could definitely be at stake.

    On a practical level, too, I don’t see any substantive ideas coming out of the Democratic Party. None. What do they to offer, other than getting the GOP out of power?


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