What It’s Like to Be a Child of God

cripple.gifI’ve been thinking recently about the plight of orphans in the world.  There are so many children throughout the world who have been orphaned by AIDS, by poverty, by neglect, by crime, and other tragic circumstances.  I applaud those Christian families who have taken on the noble responsibility of rearing one of these special children.  It is the duty of the church (believers) to care for these young people.

As I have contemplated this topic, a beautiful story from God’s Word came tumbling into my weekly curriculum preparation for our church’s children’s program.  You all know the story.

Meribbaal was third in line to the throne of Israel.  His father, was a valiant soldier, and loved the Lord with all his heart.  Before Meribbaal was born, his father entered into a covenant with, of all people, a fugitive of Israel’s king.  Because of a common love for God and each other, these men had promised that regardless of future circumstance their friendship would be sealed forever in each generation to come.  Each promised to care for the other’s family in event of death.  From that moment on, these men only saw each other once as recorded in Scripture.

The father of Meribbaal was killed in battle.  In the providence of God, the fugitive friend became the next king of Israel.  The nanny taking care of Meribbaal feared that all the descendants of the man who once oppressed the current king would be killed in retribution.  She fled, carrying the young boy.  As she ran, she fell.  Meribbaal was severely injured and would never regain full use of his legs.

The new king did not forget the secret promise and sent out a search party to find any children of his dear friend.  Meribbaal was brought to the court of the king, expecting the end of life.  Instead, he was marvellously adopted into the king’s own family.  He would never again leave the palace.  He would eat at the king’s table.  He would be served by the servants of his grandfather.  He became a wealthy land owner.  Loving-kindness had never been so apparent as at that very moment.  David honored his promise to Jonathan.

Of course, we know Meribbaal, not by his Chaldean name, but rather by the Hebrew Mephibosheth.

If you think about the story, it provides a powerful illustration of our own spiritual adoption.  We, like sons of Saul, are sinfully bound by our own flesh and have no hopeful future.  The ability to rule ourselves has been taken away because of our sinful choices and desire.  Only judgment lies ahead, eternal judgment.  But in the greatest Testament of all time, a man named Jesus made a promise to us that He would forever seek to care for us.  Why?  Because, as our Creator, He loves us.  Though Jesus was rejected by His own people and eventually executed as an innocent man, He kept His promise.  He searched us out, brought us into His family, made us heirs of the riches of Heaven, and daily cares for us with His matchless love.  How could He do this?  Because Jesus is more than a man, He is God in the flesh.

Can you imagine if Mephibosheth, deserving death due to his relation to Saul, had rejected David’s offer of adoption?  “How ungrateful!” we would exclaim.  How could anyone resist such an offer of love?

We did.  We all did.  We rejected the offer of forgiveness of sins, of spiritual adoption.  We chose our own way, revelling in the very sin from which Jesus freed us.  And yet, He didn’t give up on us, did He?  He persisted, broke through our resistance, and saved us from ourselves and our sin.

How do I describe what it’s like to be a child of God?

  • My status as God’s Son is undeserved, pointing to His grace.
  • My sins are forever forgiven, pointing to His mercy.
  • My eternal inheritance points to His goodness and Fatherly compassion.
  • My security is rock-solid, pointing to His faithfulness.
  • My needs are always met in the way He designed, pointing to His love.

If you want to know what it’s like to be a child of God, just ask Him to adopt you.  In all reality, you stand in His court right now.  He offers you a place at His table, a bed in His home.  He has the power to wipe away the penalty for your sins forever, allowing you to enter an eternal holy, heavenly habitat.  Jesus gave His life to pay for your sins; He took back His life in resurrection to offer you immortality.  He loves you that much.  Despite how you’ve treated Him.  Despite how you’ve ignored Him.  Despite how you’ve resisted Him.  He is always “ready to forgive.”

If you are spiritually orphaned and wandering this world with no purpose and no future, cry out to Him.  He will hear you.  He will take you in just as you are, clean you of sin, and give you a new heart, a new home, a certain future.

If you have been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ and know by experience of what I write today, cry out to God in joyful thanksgiving to have been given the privilege and the right to be a child of God.


2 responses to this post.

  1. (Rom 8:17) And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

    A child and heir of the everlasting King of Kings!


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