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What It’s Like to Be a Child of God

cripple.gifI’ve been thinking recently about the plight of orphans in the world.  There are so many children throughout the world who have been orphaned by AIDS, by poverty, by neglect, by crime, and other tragic circumstances.  I applaud those Christian families who have taken on the noble responsibility of rearing one of these special children.  It is the duty of the church (believers) to care for these young people.

As I have contemplated this topic, a beautiful story from God’s Word came tumbling into my weekly curriculum preparation for our church’s children’s program.  You all know the story. Continue reading


I Love a Parade!

parade.gifThere’s something about a parade that I haven’t been able to put my finger on until recently.  Last summer, my family and I joined our friends Bob and Claudia Beauprez in a parade in the city of Fountain, Colorado.  At the time, Bob was serving as a U.S. Representative.  Because of my affinity for Bob and the values he champions, I began to get to know and support other elected officials.  In the summertime, that means walking in parades!

Now I know that most of you picture a parade as a festive processional with floats, huge blimps, marching bands, and all sorts of other wonderful art forms.  I used to look at them that way too.  When I would take my family to see the 4th of July parade in downtown Philadelphia, we went for sheer entertainment value.

Now, I look at parades differently. Continue reading

I LOVE the Psalms!

psalm.gifAs a music pastor, I regularly consult songbooks.  Some are old, very old; others are very new.  I’m glad that at times in history people have made the effort to write out the songs of our faith.  Today, we have thousands from which to lead the church of God in worship.  It is a blessed heritage to me.

Of course, the Old Testament book of Psalms is also a songbook, one of the oldest in history.  There is much historically of interest about the book.  Yes, it has 150 Hebrew poems written over a span of a thousand years.  We know David as the author of 73 of them, but let’s not forget about Asaph, Solomon, the sons of Korah, Heman, Ethan, and even Moses and their contributions to the book.  Interestingly, as I attempt to navigate with biblical clarity through the worship wars of my age, the book of Psalms often strikes a relevant note.  For example, did you know that the Hebrew title of the book of Psalms is Tehillim, which means “praise songs”?  See, it’s not a bad term to use! Continue reading

The Taste of the Gospel

steak.gifTaste is a sense for which I am especially grateful to God.  I love food.  I am one of the people you will occasionally meet that likes it all.  I love meats of all kinds including liver.  I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like, including the wonderful okra, brussel sprout, squash, and asparagus.  I love fruit of all kinds, domestic and tropical.  I enjoy the differences in taste of wheat, rye, pumpernickel, barley, and oat.  I appreciate the fine cheeses.  I salivate over the product of the sea: crabs and scallops and lobsters and swordfish and salmon and clam.  I like it all.

Of course, food can be prepared in a manner that titillates the tongue.  The prime rib that is perfectly cooked to medium rare, moist and tender.  The freshest baguette from a patisserie in Paris, with a warm exterior crust and melt-in-your-mouth doughy inside.  The pasta at al dente which marries perfectly with a freshly prepared marinara.  A red-ripe apple right off the tree with a crispy bite and sweet juicy flavor.

Hungry? Continue reading

An Interesting Quote from An Interesting Source

reading.jpg“Whenever truth begins to emerge onto a higher plane, there are those who close their eyes to the wonder of its possibilities.  Strange to tell, many prefer a dead conscience to a live obedience.  They will fight to the death to preserve an old order with self-will at the helm, or to prop up a stale theology where narrow dogma provides the ruling dictum.  All God’s highest principles are wide-embracing truths, however, not constricting ones, as all hearts that love Fatherhood above the traditions of their elders must recognize before the light of eternity breaks at last upon them.”

Some interesting thoughts from a fiction writer, eh?  Check out Dream of Freedom, page 149, by Michael Phillips.

SharperIron Posting

dvc.jpg“America’s Helping Youth…Is Your Church” was posted this morning over at SharperIron.  It was written after covering a White House event here in Denver for SI.  I hope you get a chance to read it and give me your feedback.

The article can be found here:’s-helping-youth-is-your-church

The discussion thread can be found here:

Playing Tag

tag.gifI remember playing tag when I was little.  Wasn’t very good at it.   So, imagine my surprise when I received an email from my good friend Andy Efting saying simply “You’re it!”  I didn’t have a clue what he was referring to.  After some patient explanation from Andy, I realized that the game of tag had invaded the blogosphere and I had been tagged, twice.  This game, however, is a little easier to play, so I will indulge.  After all, it’s a “book tag,” so I want to do my part to promote literacy in the world!  Here it goes: Continue reading