I Have a Dream…

haveadream.gifThe following is my vision statement for the music ministry of Red Rocks Baptist Church.  These are the many individual parts of my dream for the future of this ministry.  As I work to implement each of these areas in my church, I would be really interested in any insights from those who may have already achieved one or more of these goals or who are similarly working toward them.

It is the vision of a church worshipping together in spirit and in truth bearing witness to the world of the new life Christ has implanted in us.  The worship of our church will be passionate as it is expressed through our spirits, our emotions, our mouths, and our actions.  The fathers who have been equipped to worship God biblically will lead their families regularly in worship.

It is the vision of a church that equips its members through music education classes, from beginning levels through advanced, from small children through adult.  Musical literacy is valued here and is slowly but deliberately being advanced through the membership until all can participate more fully in making Christ known through music.

It is the vision of dedicated church musicians who will regularly meet in choirs and ensembles to rehearse and meditate on the songs used in our church services.  These musicians who lead our church in musical worship are not only dedicated but also disciplined, seeking to offer Christ their very best according to His excellent greatness.  This discipline will be characterized by much advance preparation including music memorization, self-critiquing, meditation on the lyrics of the song, and advance rehearsals with music/technical staff.  Performance of music will only draw attention to the God whom we honor.  He must increase, but I must decrease –John 3:30

It is the vision of making Christ known in our community through the establishment of a fine arts academy and community choirs and orchestras.  In these controlled settings which will continue to stimulate musical excellence, the witness of Christ will be clearly and unashamedly seen by all involved.  These institutions will serve as arenas where the Gospel will be presented and relationships will be established to the end that many may come to Christ and be added to the church.  In addition, these organizations will cast the reputation of Jesus Christ to greater lengths in our region.

It is the vision of capturing the best of our musical expression in high quality recordings, which can be packaged and marketed for outreach into our community and edification of our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe.  Our recording ministry will help us to be stewards of the time and talents of our musicians, enabling their ministry to live well beyond one service.

It is the vision of musical creation, where composing and arranging are encouraged and taught so that the continuing newness and freshness of our Christian life is reflected in the continuing writing and performing of new songs.  The music produced through this ministry will be heavily critiqued and refined to ensure an excellent product which can utilized for God’s glory not only here in our church but also in churches throughout the world through publication.

It is the vision of a music staff who are well qualified and constantly improving their musical abilities.  These men and women are able to devote themselves to the music ministry of our church and immerse themselves in Scripture so that they are able to teach and mentor others to follow their examples.  This is a team that is able to raise a mighty musical testimony in their region and their nation and influence many toward biblical worship and passionate music ministry.  The music staff will be comprised of both volunteers and paid positions and will be actively and constantly involved in recruitment. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Brian:
    Hey, I had read your “I Have a Dream” post a while back on Sharper Iron, but at the time just stored a mental note that I thought it was good. Recently, the Lord has been directing us toward helping with the music at Community Baptist Church in Clayton, NC (suburb of Raleigh, NC…www.cbministry.net) and so I came back to your site searching. I was wondering if you would mind me using your article above as a discussion tool and “base document” for coming up with our own music manual?


  2. Have at it, Dave. Nothing’s copyrighted…yet.


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