Worship God Live – a review

worshipgodlive.jpgWorship God Live is the latest live recording from Sovereign Grace Music, capturing two evenings in February 2005 at Covenant Life Church. Featuring worship leaders Bob Kauflin and Pat Sczebel, this CD includes 14 new songs from two generations of songwriters – Bob Kauflin, Mark Altrogge, Stephen Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook, Pat Sczebel, Jonathan Baird, Ryan Baird, Adam Sacks, and Rich Dalmas.

The songs range in style, but are all congregationally oriented. Two of the songs features lyrics from Isaac Watts ("O God Our Help in Ages Past") and William Cowper ("God Moves") in current arrangements from Mark Altrogge and Bob Kauflin, respectively.

I have had the occasion to interact briefly with Bob Kauflin.  From my limited experience with Bob, I find him to be a seasoned, gracious minister of the cross and passionate, dedicated worshipper of God.  The interesting connection between Bob and I is that while we have had some very similar influences on our thinking, we minister in two very different churches stylistically.  Since musical style is not an area of separation for me, that is not a big deal.  I also have to say that I have immensely appreciated the new composition of hymns being done at Sovereign Grace.  We have taught several to our congregation.  They are doctrinally rich and musically accessible, and this new project Worship God Live is no exception.

As in all musical recordings, some songs are more "my taste" than others.  On this CD, I especially enjoyed: Count It All Joy, His Forever, Jesus Thank You, Grace Unmeasured, God Moves, and Receive the Glory.  I look forward to teaching a couple of these to my congregation.  I enjoyed the simple approach to each song.  No melody was too complex for any congregation to learn quickly, which as a worship leader I appreciate greatly!  I also like how many of the songs are written directly to God Himself.  My congregation always sings with more passion when the lyrics are directed to God.

The only criticism I have of the CD is the title!  My preference would be for something that sounds a little less faddish.  However, as I said, that's just a preference.  For those who appreciate God-honoring and doctrinally-accurate songs with more of a contemporary style, you should check out Worship God Live.


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  1. Posted by Josh Larsen on June 15, 2006 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks for this review, Brian. I listened through the song samples, and really enjoyed what I heard. These are songs I need to teach our teens. These, as well as “In The Garden.” 🙂


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