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The Sound of Silence…

silence_jpg.jpgSorry for my lack of substantive reading over the last few days (although there might be some debate whether I ever offer any to begin with!).  I have been engaged in a local move of my family since last Friday.  We are pretty much done now and I'm sure I will have some reflection on this memorable period of my life in the near future.  I am also looking forward to attending the "Get Motivated" seminar tomorrow with Zig Ziglar, Steve Forbes, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and others.  At lunch tomorrow, I will have the opportunity to race against our youth pastor Josh Larsen at the renowned Pastor's Race at Bandimere Speedway.  It's awesome to drive souped-up camaros down the .25 mile drag strip.  I'm sure I'll have thoughts on that too!


Sheep Make Baaaaad Shepherds.

sheep.jpgIn my mind, it really is that simple.  Shepherds rule sheep.  Elders rule congregations.  Of course, there is a bit more to the subject than this.

I recently listened to a sermon by Pastor Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  Mark is one of my favorite preachers.  He is committed to expositional preaching.  He is serious about the local church.  He is passionate about truth.  I think, however, he is on the side with the weaker biblical argument when it comes to the subject of church government. Mark's premise: the congregation itself is the last, final, earthly court of appeal.  Continue reading

Eternal Life Is Beautiful

LifeIsBeautiful.jpgTonight, I watched a DVD that was truly moving and I need to put my thoughts down here while they're still fresh in my head. 

The name of the film is "Life Is Beautiful" written by, starring, and directed by Italian actor Roberto Benigni.  It was released in 1997 and nominated for seven Academy Awards, Benigni himself garnering a Best Actor prize.

Here is a film synopsis from

In 1939, Guido (Roberto Benigni) — an enchanting individual with childlike innocence and grand dreams of owning his own bookstore comes to the Tuscan town of Arezzo. He falls in love with Dora, a beautiful young schoolteacher (Nicoletta Braschi). Unfortunately, the woman he calls his “Princess” is already engaged. Worse, she is engaged to the local Fascist official with whom he has had a run-in. Guido, however, is not deterred and a fairy tale romance ensues. Continue reading

Stay Tuned….

I've started my article on elder rule vs. congregational rule.  However, I won't have much time today to post anything due to graduation rehearsals and setup at our school.  Keep the conversations going–I'll be back ASAP!

The Religion of Politics

bobbeauprez.jpgNo, I'm not dyslexic.  I didn't mean the politics of religion, although that is certainly a worthy topic.  No, I meant the Religion of Politics.

I should preface this discussion by confessing that I am a political junkie.  Politics is my hobby.  I greatly enjoy the political process.  I enjoy developing friendships with my elected officials.  I love the policy debate.

I should also state clearly that I have no intention or desire to pursue political office.  I am constantly asked this question by friends and lawmakers alike.  However, I treasure my calling as a minister of Gospel.  It is supremely fulfilling to me.  There is no greater job, in my opinion, than shepherding the flock of God. Continue reading

Am I a Baptist? You Decide.

questionmarks.jpgAs regular readers of this blog will know, I was recently asked by a friend "How can you call yourself a Baptist?"  Another friend basically questioned "Why would you want to call yourself a Baptist?"

Why the questioning?  I stated in a recent posting that I will NEVER separate over non-essentials.  I included in this category modes of baptism, dispensational positions, and forms of church government.

Here's the deal.  What the Bible says explicitly, I affirm dogmatically.  What I infer from the study of Scripture, I practice but I do not separate from others who come to different positions.  How does this work practically?

Continue reading

Blessed Be the Name

pottery.gifThe following testimony was written by a seventeen year old young lady in our Christian school.  This is her reflection on the recent news that her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is wonderful to see the way Christ has worked in her heart as she has diligently focused on things above.

We pray for courage in times of tribulation – then question our Commander’s battle plan.  We pray to be made perfect – then run at the first sight of the refining fire.  We pray for brokenness – then flee the Potter’s hands.  All too often our Savior’s merciful act of sanctification is met by our doubt when we discover that His path may lead us down the valley of the shadow of death.  Continue reading