paintingmapred.jpgA while back, I read a post at Dan Burrell's blog, Whirled Views, about his worry for the Republican Party (GOP) with the upcoming midterm elections.  As a staunch Republican myself, I vehemently disagreed with him.  Upon more reflection, I began to be convinced that he may be right after all.  I didn't and do not agree with Dan's assessment of the GOP; however, I think the public's opinion about the GOP may be eroding, based on recent polls.  In that sense, the GOP is in real trouble.  Perception is as important, or perhaps more important, than reality in politics.

Politics is my favorite hobby.  I enjoy the political process, debating the issues, getting to know the players.  I am NOT of the opinion that getting the right leaders in power will transform and "save" America.  Only the Gospel of Christ can transform hearts and save souls from eternal punishment.  However, the protection of the unique freedoms we possess in our America is worth being engaged in the political process, in my opinion.  As a result, I have jumped into campaigns to help those with whom I share the most important values.  This year, for the first time, I was elected to be a delegate to our GOP state convention where I will have the privilege of participating directly in the Colorado caucus in determining our candidates for the November elections.  We are determining a new governor, and I have thrown my hat in with U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez.   Bob is an experienced businessman and two-term congressman who is a faithful Catholic and shares much of the same values I consider extremely important.  I have been fortunate to get to know Bob over the last 2 years and am excited at the prospect of his becoming our next governor.

Okay, rabbit trail over.  Upon reflection of the power of polling and the mass media, I began to become despondent about our chances this Fall.  Until…

I met Hugh Hewitt at a booksigning this month.  Hugh, of course, is a nationally syndicated talk show host and author.  After he signed my copy of his new book, I glanced at the inscription.  He wrote,

For Brian and Deborah

60 in `06

Hugh Hewitt


60 in `06?  What could he possibly mean?  I began to read in earnest his new book, Painting the Map Red.  Hugh recognizes that the GOP is in trouble too, but he actually has the nerve to turn the situation around and demand aggressive action.  Hugh believes that it is essential that the GOP have 60 senators as a result of this fall's elections.  60 senators!!

After I settled myself down from laughing hysterically, I began to contemplate Hugh's argument.  He holds that in order to avoid losses and to achieve gains, we must articulate and preach these 5 GOP values:

1) The Democratic Left and the MSM (Mainstream Media) Have Declared War on the Military. Again.

2) The Democratic Left Has Declared War on Religion.

3) The Democratic Left and Its Senators Have Declared War on the Judiciary.

4) The Democratic Left Wants to Radically Redefine Marriage While Portraying Republicans as Bigoted.

5) The Democratic Left Is Addicted to Venom, and That Venom Is Poisoning the Political Process.

Here are some of the more salient quotes from the book's introduction:

"Millions of Americans voted for John Kerry, and they haven't been persuaded by anything that has happened since November 2004 that their choice was wrong."

"I don't see a majority of voters changing their minds about the big issues, especially the war.  But I do see them changing their minds about the effectiveness of the Republican Party in achieving the majority's goals on key issues."

"The goal has to be sixty votes in the United States Senate committed to ending Democratic obstruction that threatens defeat in war, economic contraction, and a return to an activist liberal judiciary."

"On issues across the board, the demands of national security should be the trump card to prove that the GOP is the party of seriousness and the Democrats the party of grandstanding and irresponsibility."

"The Democrats' weapon of choice, the filibuster, is an albatross around their necks, and a successful campaign can be waged on ending their abuse of it in time of war."

I plan on commenting on each of Hugh's five values in the days to come.  I think he's right.  Will the GOP faithful recognize the potential peril of this election and the opportunities it presents?  Time will tell.


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