Is It Worth It?

weikel.jpgFrom today's Denver Post:

In a March 28 e-mail to friends, Weikel talked about the media, how reporters came on the third anniversary of the war and wanted to know: "Is this effort worth it? Is it worth our soldiers lives?"

Weikel wrote: "No sacrifice is easy and the loss of every soldier is heart wrenching. However, the liberty of 26 million people is worth it. … A large amount of the population is under the age of 18. The guys on patrol can attest to this as they're mobbed daily by the 'munchkin brigades' demanding chocolate and soccer balls. You see these children and can't help but feel that their future is worth it."

Captain Ian Weikel, 31, was killed Tuesday by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  He leaves behind a wife, Wendy, and a young son, Jonathan, born in August.

I agree with the sentiments of Captain Weikel.  It IS WORTH IT to fight a war to liberate 26 million people from a brutal dictatorship.  Iraq may have its problems, but it is FREE.

I admit I cannot know the mind of God in any real sense of completeness.  I wonder, though, if He viewed the liberation of millions of sinners from eternal punishment as worthwhile.  I'm pretty sure He did.  The giving of Jesus Christ as our sacrifice was motivated, we're told in John 3:16 among numerous other passages, by love and a desire that we not perish.

I have gratitude in my heart for the sacrifice of Ian Weikel.  I do not know if he ever experienced spiritual liberation.  I pray he did.  But far too many days pass by without my grateful acknowledgement of a far greater sacrifice, that of the Son of God for me.  My thankfulness for His great work should never cease or become less worthwhile in my mind.

Thank you, my Father, for the precious gift of your Son.  Thank you for liberating me from the penalty and power of sin and one day from the presence of sin.  I should be mobbing your throne each day with my expressions of inadequacy, thanks, praise, and love.  It is WORTHWHILE for me to live a life of sacrificial service to you.  Give me the strength to endure.  Give me a mind that can focus on the eternal, rather than the temporal.  Give me the vision to attempt great things for You.


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